“In a world that is swirling with chaos, Ettrick Rocks is a sanctuary to reprieve & replenish. I loved the juxtaposition of the rugged wild landscape providing an ever-changing dramatic view while tucked away in complete luxury with every need preempted. I came to King Island with an open mind but never expected how idyllic it would be for an adventure away. I came for work but I am adamant I will return for pleasure”

Skye Campbell, Freelance producer on assignment for Tourism Tasmania - September 2020


"I had not visited King Island previously, however, it has been on my bucket list for some time. As I have an interest in aviation, the flight to the Island from Melbourne with Rex was an exciting start to the holiday. Arrival provides an aerial view of the Island, much better than driving into a new location.

I also have an interest in photography and the Island did not disappoint, even if one did not venture far from the accommodation. The standard of the units exceeded my expectations. Well appointed, with great views to the west over the ocean. Cloud sunset photographs every evening!

Even though Ettrick Rocks provides a break from work-life, one can still be connected to the world, or one can read a book in quiet comfort. For a little more adventure, some rock climbing on the foreshore is available a short distance away.  

The cheese platter on arrival was most appreciated, no need to look for supplies on arrival. Highly commended."

Comments and Photo courtesy of guest David - March 2020


"If you want to get away from the demands of daily life, Ettrick Rocks is the place to visit.

Fantastic location, looking over the ocean to the west, it is quiet, yet not too far from Currie.

The accommodation is lovely and modern, beautifully presented and equal to anything that I have stayed in many international holidays.

The generous wine/cheese platter and breakfast options is a nice touch."

Comments and Photo courtesy of guest Jane - January 2020