The people, the food and the culture of King Island - Participate!

Art and artisans, music and musicians, chefs and local cuisine: King Island is known to engage and inspire many artists, musicians and culinary geniuses for decades.

This coming together of art and food culture is available right on the doorstep of the Ettrick Rocks retreats. Its natural and raw landscape is juxtapositioned by a rocky outcrop cast in the foreshore in front of the retreats as they act as a protective sentinel against the fury of the southern ocean as the waves crash into them. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, or author you will be in awe of such a sight.

What’s more, the slow-pace and relaxed mood of this isolated island coupled with its natural beauty has inspired several artists across a wide range of media, as well as the Festival of Art, Culture and the Environment - which aims to raise money for the island’s conservation and protection.

At the Arts and Cultural Centre, located near the Currie Wharf, you can both view and purchase works of art from local and international artists, or even take a workshop where you can be a fly on the wall watching works in progress such as felting or paintings.

Looking at King Island through the camera lens you will not be left lacking in inspiration with the abundance of wildlife, flora and rugged landscapes.

There is a surprise around every corner with every inch of the island containing something new and interesting.               

With so much art and culture at its doorstep, Ettrick Rocks is a great home-base that can arrange workshops with local artists, chefs and leading photographers to enrich your stay.