Relax, Feet Up and Enjoy!

Your refuge from the fast-paced city life: Ettrick Rocks retreats

Ettrick Rocks retreats offer stylish, architecturally built homes designed by award winning Tasmanian architects Rosevear and Stephenson, with an emphasis on comfort and function. The aim was to incorporate a small amount of accommodation that felt more homely than a hotel or other commercial accommodation, as well as causing as little disruption to the environment as possible.


These spaces are fully equipped to just relax or cook delicious meals using King Island produce, seafood and the best beef in the world.


For those who just want to be pampered, onsite chefs, masseur, certified yoga instructors and tour operators can be booked to come to you.

It will be impossible not to brush shoulders with the nature surrounding the retreats during your stay, as every room offers a framed view of the mesmerising spectacle outside.


Did you know that King Island is a haven for a number of local and rare bird species and a wanting stopover for migratory birds travelling north and south? An absolute birdwatcher’s dream!


Birdwatchers can explore around the island and spot these birds with provided lists and can contribute to the data being collected by local conservationists.


To add adventure to your visit and if one is a newcomer to birdwatching simply take a pair of binoculars and a camera and snap away and then sit down with local experts to help you identify them.

When you return to your retreat after a day of exploring, you will be met with comfortable lounges, a warm and inviting gas log fire at your fingertips, a warm cuppa or glass of wine with a platter of King Island cheeses. The ocean swells constantly splashing against the rocky outcrop, as your natural theatre of entertainment, will ensure you are revitalised for when you are ready to leave, which we know will be hard to do, but one can always come back!